Here are my free ASIC Verification tools. (There are only two now.)


Parallel is a distributed batch process controller. It is written to allow you to run an arbitrary number of regression tests across any number of *nix machines. Parallel has been tested and is stable, however I am still calling it Beta code.


1. ssh or rsh must be installed and working.

2. Tests are run from a directory structure that is consistent on all machines. (ie. /asic/my_project/tests/test1 is in the same place on all machines.)

3. You have perl.

Parallel User Manual

Parallel program and docs.


This is pre-beta code. It is meant to be a standard, easy to use, feature rich C++ based logging class that supports six log levels, filters, and much more. It is stable, but still requires some work on the part of the user.


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